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FIRMing (Fifth Initiation Rite for Men)
The FIRMing is the next step on the M.A.L.Es journey. This process is always open for enrollment. A signed covenant is required before the start of this journey. 

A three-day event designed for men who have experienced the MROP (Men's Rites of Passage). FIRMing is an intensive event containing solitude, ritual, and other experientials.  FIRMings will be scheduled in different locations in Northern and Southern California and require an application and acceptance process.
The FIRMing will be a very serious and choiceful three-day event, that will involve preparatory work and study, fasting and silence on site.

Although a self-guided process, the FIRMing curriculum is not intended to be done alone. It is a WE process with emphasis on a Home Group conference meeting/call every quarter and clear contact made with a sponsor/mentor half way through along with regular communication with a Soul Brother. These will provide a measure of accountability to be doing what we said we would do.
Next FIRMing:
Click Here to view the list of events in Northern California and when the next FIRMing will be held.