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Men As Learners and Elders
Male spirituality is not about religion or going to church. It is about age-old traditions that teach men the five things every man needs to learn before he can fully engage in the adventure and mystery that life will bring. In some way, either intentionally, by calamity, by an elder, or by divine appointment, you will be initiated into what lies before you and what you were designed for. How you respond to the initiation will determine how you live the rest of your life.
MROP - Men's Rites of Passage
The Men's Rites of Passage is a 5 day experience that will challenge you and who you “think” you are. You will face "yourself" and learn to find the gift you are, where before you only saw problems. You will learn how to hold the tension in these challenges and find something new.

The Rites were created as a way to bring a Christian perspective to male initiation and help men step into the mystery of the adventure that can bring transformation to their lives. All faiths are welcomed.

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